Regular Games


Meeting Time:
6:15 PM Mondays – until approximately 8:45 PM.
$5.00 per person

Monday evening’s game is for players with less than 300 points.


Play of the Hand, the second course in the ACBL Bridge Series for new and intermediate players, will be offered every Monday from October 14 through December 16. The time is 9:30 am to noon; coffee and donuts provided.

The prerequisite is familiarity with basic bidding. If you need a refresher, a good source is the Club Series manual, Bidding, from ACBL.

The course fee, which includes the Diamond Series manual, Play of the Hand, from ACBL, is $40. For further information or to sign up, contact Beth Loehnen at 406-546-1512.


Some Notes on Vu-Bridge

I took a look at the Vu-Bridge hand of the week today.  Some notes.. first of all, it didn’t work for me in Chrome, so I had to use Internet Explorer.  Not sure if it will work on Firefox.  When I played the hand, it forces you to play the way they want you to.  So, if you play the wrong card, it just blinks at you and didn’t seem to let you know what the correct card is. I just kept trying cards till it let me play one.  It seems I bid the way he wanted me too, so I’m not sure what happens if you bid it differently.

However, the lesson was very helpful.   The one I did was on counting, and it explained it in a way that was helpful and easy to understand.   I’m looking forward to the next hand, but not quite ready to pay for any extras at the moment.

Fall 2012 Easybridge! Session

The beginning Easybridge! lesson and game will start its Fall 2012 session on October 4 at 6:15 at the Welcoma Club.  The goal is to continue to help those who are interested in the “greatest card game in the world” to learn, or relearn, the game and to learn why those of us who play regularly are practically addicted to the bridge game. Easybridge! welcomes all novice bridge players, whether they are new to the game, are kitchen bridge players wanting to improve their game, or are former tournament players who have been away from the game for a long time and want to learn the modern game.  For more information contact Terry Wolfe at, 239-1240 or download this file :  Easybridge! Information.


Convention Card

The Convention Card is still a bit of a mystery to me.  However, if you play in any games besides the EasyBridge! games or in a tournament, you and your partner will need to have one filled out.  The ACBL has a PDF form you can fill out on their Tools page.  There are also detailed instructions available on the ACBL Web Site.